Uzza is a man whom a lot of Bible students know the story of but might not remember his name.  In 2 Samuel 6 the Ark of the Covenant is being transported on a cart.  When one of the oxen stumbled, Uzza reached out his hand to catch the ark.  Unfortunately he is struck dead for what many might consider a good deed in attempting to save the ark.

The obvious question that is asked is why would God strike Uzza dead.  The answer is two-fold.  The ark is holy and is not to be touched under any circumstances.  Uzza meant well but still violated the rule.  The other reason for this misfortune is that the ark was supposed to be carried, not transported by cart.  If God’s instructions on moving the ark had been followed, there would have been no cart to tip and no chance for Uzza to reach out and touch the ark.  Uzza pays the unfortunate price of disobedience despite good intentions.

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