Uriah is forever infamously associated with King David and he is a victim of David’s greatest sin.  Uriah had the misfortune of being married to Bathsheba.  When David saw Bathsheba bathing on a rooftop he lusted after her and slept with her.  Uriah was away at battle at the time.

When Bathsheba later reveals to King David that she is pregnant, he tries to cover up his misdeeds.  He calls Uriah home under the pretense of asking for a battle report.  He then tries to get Uriah to return home and to sleep with his wife so that the sin may not be discovered.  Uriah righteously states that he won’t return home to his wife while the other men are out in the field.  David feels that he is left with no other alternative to hide his sin than to have Uriah killed.

David ordered that Uriah be placed at the front of the battle line and have the other men withdraw from him.  While David is not the one to personally do the killing, he is no less a murderer as he is to blame for Uriah’s death.

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