Sextarius, Xestes

A sextarius or xestes is a Biblical unit of measurement equal to 1.2 pints or 552 milliliters.

Aside from being a unit of measurement, a sextarius or xestes is translated as “pot” or “pitcher” in Mark 7:4.  It therefore is used in reference to a container of that size as well as the measurement itself.


A metretes is a Biblical unit of measurement equal to approximately 10 gallons or 37.9 liters.

The historian Josephus stated that the metretes was equivalent to the Hebrew bath but elsewhere in Greek it is equivalent to 10 gallons.

Metretes is found only once in scripture.  It is the size of the jars of water which Jesus turns into wine.

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A hin is a Biblical unit of measurement that is approximately equal to 1 gallon or 3.8 liters.

A hin is equal to a person’s minimum daily requirement of water.

The hin is used to measure water, oil, and wine but never in quantities over a hin.  Instead fractions of a hin are recorded.

The hin is mentioned only in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Ezekiel and thus are used most often in reference to drink offerings at the temple.