Limited Universalism

Although technically an oxymoron, limited universalism is a form of universalism.  In limited universalism everyone who holds to some religious beliefs and attempts to live a moral life, regardless of what moral code they are attempting to live by, gets into heaven.

In this sense, the vile and wicked, agnostic, and atheist are still doomed to hell.  However, devout believers, regardless of their beliefs are accepted into heaven.  God does not punish people just because they choose the wrong religion to follow.  They are all worshipping God, they simply recognize Him by different names and worship Him in different ways.

This view would appear to be in contradiction to scripture that states that Jesus is the only way to heaven and the way is narrow and few find it.  Likewise, it would be a watered down “works salvation” where it is not even the works of someone that gets them into heaven, but simply if they intended to do good – even if they failed.

There are numerous other problems with this view in the context of orthodox Christianity.

For further reading, see the article Fate of the Unbeliever.

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