Irresistible Grace

A Calvinistic belief that man cannot refuse God’s grace.  Because man is depraved and unable to save himself, he is also unable to resist God’s grace.  This likewise fits the nature of election because God would not elect someone who would resist Him, if it were theoretically possible.

The debate about irresistible grace  the sovereignty of God and the freewill of man.  If man has total free will, he can resist even God’s call of salvation.  If man has partial free will, can God still be considered sovereign?  Or is it possible that God is sovereign in matters of salvation but allows man to have freewill in other aspects of life?

The sovereignty of God cannot be denied in scripture but there is also strong evidence for man’s free will as well.  Although it is impossible to determine where the balance lies, there most likely is a balance between God’s sovereignty and man’s free will.  Because of this, it does not negate the possibility of irresistible grace or the Arminian alternative, prevenient grace.

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