A log is a Biblical unit of measurement equal to .3 quarts or .3 liters.

A log equals 1/12 of a hin.

The log is only mentioned in one passage of scripture, Leviticus 14:10-24.

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A litra is a biblical measurement of weight that is equal to 12 ounces or 327 grams.

The litra is only found in the New Testament and in the Bible is used in regard to the weight of spices.

Kab, Cab

A kab or cab is a Biblical unit of measurement equal to 1 quart or 1.3 liters.

According to an estimate by Josephus which is generally accepted, a kab was equivalent to 1/18 ephah or 1/2 omer.

The word kab is used only once in the Bible, in 2 Kings 6:25.  A famine caused by a military siege causes the prices of food to skyrocket to astronomical levels.

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An issaron is a Biblical unit of measurement roughly equal to 2 quarts or 2 liters.

The issaron represents one day’s ration and is identified as one 1/10 ephah.

The issaron is equated with the omer which is the amount of manna that the Israelites collected in one day.  Issaron refers to measures of fine flour.

Issaron is not so much a measurement as it simply means 1/10.  Because it is 1/10 ephah it was used in reference to this amount simply through the abbreviation issaron.

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