An omer is a Biblical unit of measurement roughly equal to 2 quarts or 2 liters.

The omer represents one day’s ration and is identified as one 1/10 ephah.

Omer only appears once in the Bible and is used in Exodus 16:22 as the amount of manna that was collected by the Israelites in one day.

Closely related to the omer is the word issaron which means 1/10.  It is used several times in the Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers.

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A modius is a Biblical unit of measurement equal to about a peck (7.7 quarts) or 8.5 liters.

The word modius is used in reference to a basket or bowl, much as a bushel basket is both a quantity and the actual basket itself.

Jesus tells us not to hide our light under a “bushel” or bowl in some newer translations.  This is the word modius.  Ironically, the measurement is not equal to a bushel but instead translated in reference to the basket of that size.


A metretes is a Biblical unit of measurement equal to approximately 10 gallons or 37.9 liters.

The historian Josephus stated that the metretes was equivalent to the Hebrew bath but elsewhere in Greek it is equivalent to 10 gallons.

Metretes is found only once in scripture.  It is the size of the jars of water which Jesus turns into wine.

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