Sextarius, Xestes

A sextarius or xestes is a Biblical unit of measurement equal to 1.2 pints or 552 milliliters.

Aside from being a unit of measurement, a sextarius or xestes is translated as “pot” or “pitcher” in Mark 7:4.  It therefore is used in reference to a container of that size as well as the measurement itself.


A seah is a Biblical unit of measurement approximately equal to 5 quarts (1/5 bushel) or 6 liters.

A seah is believed to be a fraction of a cor or homer but it has a wide range.  Best estimates put the seah at 1/3 ephah.

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Roman Mile

A Roman mile is a Biblical unit of measurement that is slightly shorter than a modern mile.  It is equivalent to .9 miles, 1620 yards, or 1.4 kilometers.

The Roman mile is referenced only once in the New Testament in Matthew 5:41 when Jesus instructs His followers to go the extra mile.